18 September 2011

The Story Begins

Charlie Company roll up to outpost 125, they were not expecting to see what appears to be a mercenary force already there.
They are here to answer the distress call from the outpost, what are mercs doing here?
Below is the set up

The ECM win the initiative but fail to activate RJ1.
The turn passes to the hostiles.
Seizing the opportunity, hostile 4 (H4) make a run for the cover ahead, hoping to bed down and harass the ECMs right flank as they advance.
The hostiles try to activate another unit but fail so play passes back to the ECM.
The hostiles attempt to activate their sneaky AT gun which is hidden under the garage roof of the outpost, they fail.
RJ2 manages to activate and it rolls forward toward the cover.
Alpha and Beta squads also advance, making for the cover on the left flank.
Delta fails and play passes back to the hostiles.
The rest of the hostiles and the ECM fail to activate.

Again the ECM win the initiative, RJ1 advances and then Alpha let down the side by failing to activate.
The hostiles try, their AT gun passes its activation and takes the aimed order.
It fires at RJ2, rolling 3 dice to hit.
It scores 1 hit and the APC fails to save.
Luckily for the APC it was a glancing shot with no real damage, though the shock and the noise stuns the crew who have a penalty to their next activation roll as result.
Hoping to press forward, H4 tries to make it to the cover, they fail to activate.
Maybe the explosion from the AT gun broke their stride?
The ECM try to order Alpha forwards, but they are too busy checking on the crew of RJ2 and fail to activate.
H1 runs forward and makes it to the cover on the ECMs left flank.
The rest of the hostiles manage to activate and carry out their orders.
The ECM continue to try to activate, Beta, Gamma and the stunned APC crew all fail to move.

This turn sees the hostiles concentrate fire on the APCs and both crews end up being stunned from the shots.

H4 are bedded into the cover and RJ1 and RJ2 as well as Gamma squad in their H.A.R.D. suits make a concerted effort to unload a can of whupass on them.
H4 reply in kind.
After a brief bout of heavy firing the smoke clears to reveal no one was killed.

This turn just goes to show how luck plays a part in any wargame.
The ECM pass every activation roll they try, the hostiles fail every roll they try.
The ECM again unload a shed load of lead and introduce the hostiles to their favourite friend, Hans Christian Hand Grenade.
The result is that H4 end up being totally annihilated.

The destruction of H4 really signals the collapse of the hostiles.
The ECM push forward and start to outflank the hostiles.
The AT gun manages to continue firing and eventually cripples both APCs resulting in them losing their LMGs and the ability to move.
They are reduced to nothing more than cover.
But there are enough of the ECM to push onwards.
The H.A.R.D. troops advance seeming unstoppable as small arms fire continues to bounce of their armoured shells.
Suddenly a HMG rips into them, splitting apart suits and causing Gamma to halt in their tracks.
H.A.R.D. troopers don’t get shot; they sure as hell don’t get killed.
This signals their demise as the hostiles turn all their available firepower onto them, including the AT gun.
Still it is not enough, the ECM that remained in cover decide to make a break for the outpost, they push onward dodging and weaving the enemy guns as they are supported by Delta who crept around the flank.
They manage to get into the outpost, at which point the hostiles pull back and retreat.


Who were the very well-equipped hostiles, what part did they play if any in the outposts call for help?
Why did they retreat once the ECM got inside after putting up such a bloody fight?
What did the ECM find inside?


Andy McMaster said...

Excellent report and pics! Despite the time I feel the urge to retire to the attic and paint some more of mine!

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