5 September 2011

Rough Background

It is the future and now, more than ever money talks.
The earth is overcrowded, polluted and dying.

Corporations have taken to deep space to increase profits for their ever greedy shareholders and governments struggle to keep order due to the size of the expansion into space and a distinct lack of money and as such many key players and territorial leaders are influenced by donations from corporate sponsors.
Corporate off world colonies are the new “brave frontier”.

The majority of off worlders are in the employ of companies that have a vested interest in space exploitation exploration.
Typical off worlders live in small colonies where they mine for raw materials and conduct scientific research in places where the laws of earth are difficult to enforce and ignored whenever possible.

Some off worlders however are private individuals who managed to save enough money to escape the certainty of a short and brutal life on earth to book a one way flight. They travel with the highly popular Virgin Galactic company, who are by far the largest private commercial space flight company.
Brenson, their CEO, promises a “bright new future” off world, a future that most can only dream of. Branching out into the unknown, these individuals look to set up small farmsteads and small holdings on the many earth like planets that the corporations currently have no interest in.

Throughout the space now occupied by humans, Earth Corps Marines aided by their corporate sponsors can be found patrolling and policing the corporate and private colonies.
The laws of earth originally extended to all human colonies and on the majority, earth law still applies.
However, the taxes imposed by Earth on the off world colonies are increasing year by year and as a result more colonies choose to liberate themselves.
Liberation in the eyes of the colonists is seen as rebellion by Earth. These rebellions need to be stopped!

In many cases the struggle for liberty is encouraged by the corporations. Some corporations openly resist Earth’s attempts to quell the rebellions.
After all an independent colony will not be required to pay any Earth taxes and as usual Corporation Tax is something to avoid…. however possible.
These rebellions have led to many corporations forming their own private ‘liberation’ armies.

British Petroleum Industries has the largest such private force with its own small fleet of frigates that protect its colonies independence with vigour.
It is a trend that is beginning to worry both Earth Corps and rival corporations.

My games will be the missions of my Earth Corps Marines (ECM) and the various hostile forces they encounter.
For the most part the enemy will be the various corporations, but there will be mercernaries, renegades, alien wildlife etc.

There are no intelligent alien lifeforms in my FUBARverse, just humans.
I am undecided on space travel speeds but do know that space travel will take time and messages could take weeks to reach the ECM.
No lasers or ray guns, no teleporters or giant mechs, no hovertanks either.
Think more like Aliens for tech levels but with a bit more advancement, such as power armour suits.

We will be following the operations of Charlie Company from the 5th Battalion of the ECM.

There are 4 squads of 5 men.
Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta squads.

Each squad has its own APC, the DRM Ramjack.
RJ1 which is Alpha squads, RJ2 which is Beta's, RJ3 which is Gamma's and RJ4 which is Delta's.

Each squad also has Heavily Armoured Rapid Deployment Suits (HARD Suits) which are sealed power armour units.
These allow the ECM to manoeuvre in hazardous atmospheres and offer excellent small arms protection.
Standard weapons are frag grenades, handguns, smoke grenades and the Enfield PB32 assault rifle.

Each squad also has an anti-armour weapon, the BAE AT14.
This is designed to take out small armoured vehicles such as light tanks and APCs.
Due to its bulk and weight, the user is unable to carry the PB32.

Charlie Company is stationed aboard the Military Fleet Vessel (MFV) Wellesley.
The Wellesley carries 2 C6801 dropships, each capable of holding 4 Ramjack APCs.

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