9 September 2011

ECM Troop Rosta

Seeing as my ECM are only 4 squads of 5 men it is not too difficult a task to name them.

So here we are:

Charlie Company

Alpha Squad - green fatigues
Major Stockton
Private Carmine
Private Redfield
Private Ramirez - H
Private McReady

Beta Squad - brown fatigues
Corporal Paxton
Private Croft
Private Tyler
Private Weaver
Private Weiss - H

Gamma Squad - HARD suits
Sergeant Riddick
Private Statham
Private Reno
Private Grimm - H
Private Pliskin

Delta Squad - black fatigues
Corporal Barnes
Private Oldman
Private Cartmell - H
Private Leahy
Private Javier

The different colour fatigues allow me tell each squad apart just by looking.
H denotes that they are the heavy weapon trooper and as noted they do not carry the Enfield PB32 assault rifle.

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