26 October 2011

Chapter Two

Charlie Company hammer it to the unknown settlement call sign HOTEL on the understanding that their new friends from BPI will be on their way to silence the BPI scientist.

Here is the set up at the start of the first turn.

As you can see most sides have most of their troops inside the APCs.
Here is a view of the ECM. 

Here is a view of the BPI


Nothing exciting happens the first turn; both sides activate some troops and advance.

In the second turn every single squad except ECM RJ3 (Earth Corps Marines Ramjack 3 an APC) manages to pass it’s activation roll.
Delta squads APC opens fire with its LMG on the BPI and causes some hits that result in suppression.
The Delta squad troops get into the cover and start firing.
Here we can see the BPI troops disembarking from their APC about to enter the complex.

Turn three see’s the ECM advance in an APC, disembark and enter the complex.
“The area is secure” states Corporal Paxton, Private Weaver however has doubts.

She was right, a few moments later the BPI enter at the North Gate.

There is quite a bit of weapons exchange this turn with APCs firing their LMGs all over the place, Rockets being launched by ECM troopers and all manner of harsh language being deployed.

The next turn sees the squads inside the complex searching habs to find the man of the hour.
All the troops seem to be converging on the complex now as can be seen here, like flies on…

A BPI APC stops to let off a sniper team and an Anti-tank Gun, these take up position in cover.

Again lots of firing from troops, APCs and now the BPI AT gun which blows a LMG clean off the nearest ECM APC.
Much more firing and skulking as the 2 squads inside the complex go around searching, as this goes on the ECM H.A.R.D troopers make it inside the complex.
These troops are not to be messed with.
At the same time a BPI squad with a HMG makes it into the complex, HMG’s are not to be messed with!
The ECM H.A.RD. troopers  open fire with their assault rifles and anti-tank gun on the BPI, they only manage to supress the BPI, still that will slow down their attempt to search.

Delta squad of the ECM are taking a battering in the cover as a BPI squad supported by 2 APCs fills the cover full of hot leady death.
One fatality is caused and using my house rules it ends up being their heavy weapons guy.

The H.A.R.D troopers decide that if the BPI are going to hide behind cover the only way to sort them out is to get in their and give them a bit of  a slap.
The first few seconds of the melee are bloody and blurry

Once the initial slap is dealt we are left with 3 dead BPI and 1 dead H.A.R.D. trooper who made a sucky saving throw.

These surviving 2 BPI are soon put in their place.
As this fighting goes on the ECM locate the VIP.
They grab him and prepare to head out.

Meanwhile outside the BPI AT gun has disabled one APC and some troopers with the help of the rocket launcher another one.
They hope to cripple the ECMs vehicles thus denying them the chance to exit quickly with the target.

The ECM get the VIP into the APC as the BPI AT gun repositions itself so it can get a clear LOS, seeing this the HA.R.D troopers engage in a bitter but brief fire fight with the BPI HMG squad as they try to get outside and take down the AT gun.
BPI APCs try to outflank the ECM APCs and try to block them in and hamper their escape.

The APC (RJ1) with the VIP inside makes a run for home followed by the BPI APCs, RJ2 acts as a blocker and helps RJ1 by keeping its path clear.

The BPI squad that was on the left flank after much fighting with Delta make a run for it, lugging their last rocket launcher through a hail of bullets and get off a single shot on RJ1.
It hits, the APC fails it save.
The BPI player rolls a 6 on the damage chart.
It explodes in a ball of flame, the doors on RJ1 fly open as troops come rushing out.
First out is the VIP who is shoved with some considerable force, followed by 3 troops.
No more ECM exit the vehicle.
The ECM form up around the VIP and lay down fire hoping that RJ2 can back up and give them a ride out of there..

Unknown to the ECM, the BPI APC that has been exchanging fire with Alpha squad who are in cover suddenly unleashes a surprise.

A squad armed with a HMG disembark and run around to the front of the APC ready to finish off the VIP.
But Alpha are ready and on guard, they open fire and get 2 hits, the BPI pass their saves, both of them.
Now they fire.

4 troops at close range with assault rifles makes 8 FP or 8D6 to you and me, the HMG adds another 4; 12D6 rolled and just 3 hits.
Alpha make 2 saves, phew.
hey are at full suppression limit so that failed save means 1 loss.
They are down to 2 men and the VIP.

The last turn.

Alpha heavily supressed and a bit shaky fail to activate, the BPI HMG squad rolls to activate, they pass, they aim, they roll their 12D6 and get 10 hits!!!
Beta squad and the VIP are turned into red mist.


Andy McMaster said...

Excellent report! And great pics. The settlement look brilliant and fits in well with everything else.


Jay said...

Very very nice work: modeling and report!

Ted Henkle said...

I'm finally caught up on your Fubarverse. I love your personal log graphics and how you blacked-out the areas beyond the game table.

The overall interstellar/political/economic situation is close to D. Drake's Hammers Slammers. Are you using any of the HS wargame/roleplaying game material to develop your scenarios?


Michael said...

Thanks everyone.
No Ted, never read it.
I am just doing what seems to me a likely future.

Sort of like Britain being Earth and the various planets being its Empire.
All was well with America until it decided it was fed up with the taxes and being ruled by someone very far away.

History has shown itself to be circular so it seemed a likely future.

wargamer1972 said...

Great report. Am learning more FUBARness every day.

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