9 December 2011

Chapter Three

Here is the compound the ECM have been sent to check out



Turn 1

Not much happens, the ECM only manage 1 activation roll.
The BPI manages most units and also gets their unmanned drone to within 30cm of the enemy, giving them a bonus to their initiative roll.

Turn 2

The initiative roll is tied but the bonus from the drone allows the BPI to go first.
Nothing major this turn, the ECM open up on the drone from their APC but miss.
The H.A.R.D. suit troopers bail out and run into the cover.

Turn 3

Another initiative tie and again the drones bonus lets the BPI go first.
The H.A.R.D. troopers open fire on the BPI APC and manage 2 hits out of 3, alas the BPI save both of them.

Turn 4

The H.A.R.D. troopers fire again this time they take out the drive train on the BPI APC and immobilise it.
The ECM manage to take out the drone at last thanks to an APC and its HMG.
Lots of firing with the BPI that are in cover laying down tons of fire and only managing a single hit from 11FP.

Over on the far flank the BPI that are in cover open up with a long range missile launcher at the ECMs Ramjack.
1 hit, the APC fails its save and the BPI manage to get a superb result.
The APC blows up as the lucky shot hits the fuel tanks.
Out of all of the 5 ECM troopers inside, 4 are killed only the squad leader makes it out alive.

Although we didn't know it at the time, this loss of a squad is pretty much game over for the ECM.

The Rest 

The battle sees the ECM push forward, using smoke and cover to advance.

Around the BPI APC that was immobilised a growing number of smoking vehicles seem to gather, APCS advance through the area only to be slowly taken out.

Soon the whole area looks like a burning wrecking yard.

Alpha and Gamma squad push onward, taking out a BPI HMG squad as they do but they are eventually pinned in some cover right by the compound wall.

They start to take casualties, alpha squad take some heavy losses as they try to supress the BPI HMG squad that is hiding in the compound behind sacks and drums and building materials.

Eventually all that is left are the H.A.R.D. troopers, the rest are now out of the fight.
They manage to get their timing right and duck and weave toward the BPI, they take fire from the BPI squads and APCs but manage thanks to their superior armour to make inside the walls.

Furious hand to hand commences and again the superior armour of Gamma squad helps them overcome a bigger enemy and they have killed all the BPI squad.

However as the dust clears it becomes obvious that the remaining BPI including the last moving APC have positioned themselves ready to take out the last of the H.A.R.D. troopers.

The last man standing is not standing for very long.

Though he does manage to capture this strange symbol sprayed onto the BPI containers.

BPI HMG squad in cover inside the compound.

BPI rocket launcher sqaud in cover just outside the compound.

BPI set up, their drone heading off to spy on the ECM as they approach.

The H.A.R.D. troopers disembark and make it into cover.

Beta Squad and their APC get hammered.

Alpha Squad lay down smoke to cover their advance.

The wreckage that is APC heaven.

The H.A.R.D. troopers make it inside the walls and bloody hand to hand begins.

Last man standing.

The End.

The BPI have defended their compound from the ECM and they have shown that they have superior technology such as drones to bring to the fight.

Whatever the BPI are up to, whatever the BPI employee was trying to tell EarthGov before he was killed they are going to extreme lengths to keep it secret.

 And what does that symbol mean?


Andy McMaster said...

I like the compound! Must get me some of those containers. All this planetary industrial stuff makes me want to move away from my desert planet (when I get there!).

Nice report and pics. And as ever, bloody nice table!



Jay said...

Great slugfest. Solo-wargaming is fun!! Love the drone. He might be meeting a heat seeking missile in the near future...or not.

Michael said...

It was quite bloody it must be said.
Though this was not a solo game this time, this was played with my wife as the BPI.

S Reid said...

The Marines just cannot catch a break can they?

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