19 January 2012

Matilda and her crew

The ECMs old battered and knackered MBT made an appearance for the first time in the last chapter.
This caught the BPI off guard who are no doubt right now trying to secure some bigger better more expensive tanks.

Had it not been for the Matilda and her veteran crew the BPI would have quite probably finished off the ECM for sure.
So it is fitting we have a little feature for Matilda and her crew.


18 January 2012

Chapter Four

The ECM have been left on the surface of Kometenmelodie whilst the MFV Wellesley heads back to Earth to get engineers and supplies to set up a permanent base back on the planet.
They have been setting up camps and patrolling around the area of the Anvil Gate settlement.

The BPI have decided now that the Wellesley is far away enough to be unable to help the ECM on the ground they will send in a force at dusk to attack.
However they did not bank on the ECM being on the alert and they are not taken by as much a surprise as the BPI hoped for.

The BPI drone can be seen flying around and the four BPI APCs heading toward the ECMs camp.

In the first turn all but one of the BPI APCs manages to get going and advance on the camp.
The ECM by contrast only manages to activate Matilda (The Tank) and two squads who leg it out of the tent into the vegetation.

Turn two sees Matilda stall as the BPI APC advances and drops off a squad who head into cover.
The ECM power armour troops emerge in their H.A.R.D suits; they open fire on the closest BPI APC and wreck its axle and immobilising it!
The third turn sees the last of Charlie Companies squads emerge from the tent and into a Ramjack APC.
Matilda is still stalled.
Another BPI squad disembarks from an APC into cover.

Turn four and Matilda rumbles into life.
It opens fire on the BPI in cover and thanks to the big gun ignoring cover modifiers it manages to get two suppression hits on the BPI.
At long last the BPI APC at the rear springs into action!
Turn seven sees the BPI use their drone special ability which is to try and jam or use ecm on Matilda after the tank successfully activates.
The special ability means the tank must re-roll the activation, Matilda passes though!
Matilda opens up on the BPI in cover, scoring four hits and the BPI fail to make any saves causing two suppressed hits and two kills!
The H.A.R.D. troopers fire on them inflicting another casualty on a fully supressed squad.

Soon after, Matilda turns her big gun toward a BPI APC getting four hits and the APC fails three of them.
A quick bit of rolling on the damage chart ends up in the APC being blown to bits, the squad inside makes  saving throws and two are killed inside including the heavy weapons trooper.
Turn nine has only one unit activate, which was an ECM APC that fires at the sole BPI trooper in cover and kills him all dead.

Matilda continues to pour fiery death onto the remaining BPI and the ECM infantry slowly advance out of cover toward the BPI.
It is not long before the remaining BPI surrender.

Here are some shots from the game.

15 January 2012

Sams Log - Six