15 March 2012

Chapter Five

The ECM have learnt from their new friends at Anvil Gate that quite a lot of BPI traffic has been seen on the horizon, heading to the compound that is partially constructed.

The ECM have decided to pay a visit.
From a low ridge they can see 4 BPI trucks being loaded up inside the now complete compound.
The container truck is being loaded with cylinders from inside one of the containers on the ground.
Major Stockton wonders why they don’t just lift the container onto the lorry instead of transferring the contents from one to another.
He is also surprised that he does not see any sort of living structures, where do the staff stay?

As for the surface to air missile system that has been installed...
Something does not smell right with the compound.

The first 2 turns the ECM split up and move around the ridge and over it toward the cover.
As Delta enters the cover on turn 3 they disturb some Razor Hounds who quickly attack them.

A vicious melee ensures during which one of the marines is killed, 3 hounds are taken down by the squad as Corporal Barnes struggles with the male hound.
He cant seem to get past its armoured plates and is being mauled for his efforts.
Eventually he manages to get his pistol into the beast’s mouth and empties his clip, slowly the animal sinks to its knees, dead.
The terrible wailing of the Razor Hounds has alerted the BPI in the compound and they start loading their trucks ready to get them out of the compound.

The ECM decide that sneaking up is not an option so they advance as quickly as possible, though the fear of more animal attacks does make them somewhat wary..
As the ECM advance, BPI troopers start appearing out of a container.
More and more of them come out of this container as does more cargo for the trucks.

By now 2 of the 4 trucks are loaded and ready to go.
The ECM start pounding the blast doors of the compound with RPGs but these doors are tough.

Major Stockton calls for Matilda to come up seeing as stealth is no longer required, Matilda will soon have that door down.
Though true to form Matilda has overheated and may be a while yet…
Matilda eventually arrives as the last BPI truck is loaded.

Her cannon makes a big old dent in the door and the RPG from Alpha who are now right outside along with Gamma finishes the job.
The door falls and the BPI open fire from inside.
Amazingly there are no fatalities, just a few suppression hits.

Beta have come up along the flank and seeing this, despite the trucks being ready the BPI raise up the side door.
Why don’t the trucks just leave?

Matilda has overheated again and does nothing, the firefight continues at the main gate as the convoy just sits there.
After what seems like an age Beta see why the convoy is not leaving, it is waiting.
Now that wait is over and the convoys escort is here, a big ass BPI Super Heavy tank.

It comes over the ridge, fires at Betas APC and blows the tracks and their LMG off.
They fire their RPG back but it just bounces off the armour, so the rest of the squad lay down smoke and prepare to fall back.

Matlilda fires her light cannon at the BPI SC Firewall, but again even their shell fails to penetrate the crazy armour on the Super Heavy Tank.

The convoy pulls out of the compound and under the protective watch of its escort it makes it off the table.