25 June 2012

Chapter Six


For this game which is to be one of the last featuring the ECM...

I used one squad of ECM but rolled activation for each model separately.

I let the ECM win the initiative each turn, I figured they would need some luck.

The stricken would not appear until they rolled the number needed on each turn.
On turn one they would appear on a six, turn two on a five, turn three on a four and so on.
They appeared on turn three and would continue to appear for the next five turns, with d6 each per turn appearing.
The stricken simply charge at the uninfected in an attempt to kill them.

The ECM managed to hold them off for a few turns with a barrage of fire but the stricken just overpowered them with numbers and they managed to get close enough to engage in melee.
In melee they proved too difficult to defeat, whilst they hit on the same as the marines, their save is better and they had swarmed the troopers.

A few troopers would fail their activation but that allowed them the on-guard option of shooting at a moving target, so they still had chance to mow a few down.
The APC proved as ineffective as normal failing to activate for most of the game, I guess the crew were inside crying!

Melee waged on until only Sam Ramirez was left.
Outnumbered four to one her days were numbered, however she managed to withdraw from melee and the stricken did not manage to follow up.
This allowed her to shoot and she killed the stricken.

Bob fired and killed one too, the remaining two stricken ran for Bob and he blew one up with his grenade launcher and the last one tried to bite his face off.
There was some melee with Bob managing to keep his face from being in her mouth until he managed to back off after shoving a grenade in the stricken's mouth.

coming soon, Sams Log update.